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  • Fluorescent Tubes T8

    Fluorescent Tubes T8

    Standard & Triphosphor T8 Fluorescent Lamps. 10 Watt, 18 Watt, 36 Watt & 58 Watt. All available in Warm White (830, 2700K), Cool White ( 840, 4000K) & Day Light (860, 6000K) Colour Rendition

  • Fluorescent Tubes T5

    Fluorescent Tubes T5

    T5 Triphosphor Fluorescent Tubes. Mini 6 Watt, 8 Watt, 13 Watt, Standard 14 Watt, 21 Watt, 24 Watt, 28 Watt, & 54 Watt. All Available in Warm White (830, 2700K), Cool White (840, 4000K) & Day Light (860, 6000K) Colour Rendition

  • Circular Flourescent Lamps

    Circular Flourescent Lamps

    Standard & Triphosphor Circular Fluorescent available. 22 Watt, 32 Watt & 40 Watt. Available in Warm White (830, 2700K), Cool White (840, 4000K), Day Light (860, 6000K) Colour Renditions

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps Standard

    Compact Fluorescent Lamps Standard

    T2 240V Mini Spiral CFL's 10,000Hrs. 80% more energy efficiant. Integral Electronic control gear. non dimmable. Available in 7W(E27&B22), 9W(E27&B22),11W(E27&B22),13W(E27&B22), 15W(E27&B22), 18W(E27&B22), 20W(E27&B22), 25W(E27&B22). 7W-25W Availalbe in Warm White(830, 2700K), Cool White(840k 4000K) & Day Light(860, 6000K).

  • Candle CFL

    Candle CFL

    Candle CFL's are used in replacement of Incandescent Candle lamps as an energy saving equivalent. Available in 7W (SBC,BC,SES,ES) & 11W (SBC,BC,SES,ES) Warm White & Cool White colour renditions only.

  • PLC-S G23 2 Pin

    PLC-S G23 2 Pin

    PL SU Energy Saving Fluorescent 8,000hrs. 80% more energy saving. 2 pin only suitible for ue with conventional control gear. Not suitable for dimmers. CLA-SU7WG23 - 7W G23 2Pin. CLA-SU9WG23 - 9W G23 2Pin. CLA-SU11WG23 - 11W G23 2Pin.

  • PLC G24d

    PLC G24d

    PL DU 2Pin Energy Saving Fluorescent 8,000hrs 80% more energy saving. Double U tube CFL. Not suitable with dimmers. CLA-DU10WG24D1 - 10W G24d-1 2Pin. CLA-DU13WG24d1 - 13W G24d-1 2Pin. CLA-DU18WG24D2 - 18W G24d-2 2Pin. CLA-DU26WG24D3 - 26W G24d-3 2Pin. Available in Warm White(2700k), Cool White(5000k), Day Light(6400k)

  • PLC G24q 4 Pin

    PLC G24q 4 Pin

    240V DUE 4Pin Energy Saving. 80% more enrgy saving. Double U tube CFL. No integral Starter. Not suitable with dimmers. CLA-DUE18WG24Q2 - 18W G24q-2 4Pin. CLA-DUE26WG24Q3 - 26W G24q-3 4Pin. Availble in Warm White(2700k), Cool White(5000K), Day Light(6400k)